This year ended very differently than most years.

I quit sugar.
I’m on day 29.

This on-going experiment inspired me to let go of even more habits I don’t need.  Are you giving up something in 2016? Maybe I can help?

Recipe – Yogurt Dill Spread

All the benefits of yogurt, as a spread. It’s sugar-free too.

New Fitness Classes!

I’ve got some new Pilates classes open to the public starting next week.

Tuesdays starting January 5th from 9:30-10:30am at Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre.

Wednesdays starting January 6th from 7:45pm-8:45pm at Wallace Emerson Community Centre

I’ll be teaching a number of Pilates and Body Sculpt classes throughout Toronto. If you would like more information on exact times and locations for drop-in classes, email

Leehe’s Corner

I have noticed in 2015 there was less time invested in marketing Whole Self Fitness and more time helping people in the city of Toronto get fit.  I’d like to offer fitness sessions in my home but 2015 didn’t make that happen. It will some day soon, maybe 2016?  I look forward to helping you somehow/some way to a healthier, safer and joyful life. Here is my 2015 recap.

Happy and healthy 2016 everyone!