It’s Summertime….

It’s time to let loose, eat raw salad, walk barefoot on the grass, swim in lakes, bike rides. How does summer bring you joy?  Whole Self Fitness is here to help you tweak to your goals, summer, fall, winter and spring.  It’s a call or email away,

Recipe of the Month – Easy Summer Time Dishes

These recipes that don’t require a stove or oven, keeping the kitchen cool on hot, summer days.  They are also delicious and nutritious!

Summer Solstice Event- Sunday June 21st

Every Summer Solstice, my friends and neighbours and lovers of Glen Cedar Bridge gather with musical instruments, dancing shoes and creative inspirations to celebrate the longest day of the year.  Join us Sunday June 21st anytime after 8pm until sunset.  It’s a public spot, that time frame is a suggestion, come and go as you please.  Hope to see you there!

Whole Self Lifestyle Centres

Some interesting progress in the planning stages of this unique retirement living option. Keep updated meetings and developments by emailing:

Leehe’s Corner

July and August tend to be my slow and relaxed months.  I will be going to NYC for Canada Day ‘week’.  In late July/early August, I’ll be visiting family in Western Canada.  To see pictures and read about these adventures, I’ll try to post on here when I can:

Happy long summer days,