Today is going to be a short post because it was rather uneventful.  I’m sore from all the activities yesterday.  I went for a short walk this morning to take photos of some of the monster cottages in this area (see picture below).  After breakfast Kari and I went wild blueberry picking. Boy was that back breaking work! For all that labour, we got a mere 2 cups!

I like the window on this monster.

Unfortunately the sunrise was in the back and it’s not clear how beautiful (and huge) this cottage is.

Kari’s cottage is one of the few modest cottages in this subdivision. She was also lucky to get beach front property. Thankfully this land is protected so there isn’t a lot of development.

This is Kari’s neighbour’s house. The third floor is the yoga studio…

This house is really big. This photo makes it look like the garage is bigger than the house.

The rest of the day we have been packing the car with all our camping gear and cleaning up the cottage.  It’s been raining on and off so we were lucky to spend yesterday at the beach.  We’re not going to have regular internet for the next few days so not sure when the daily entries I write will next get posted.  Tomorrow we head over to the Rockies.  I was really fell in love with this part of Alberta. Not what you’d expect in Prairies. Happily impressed with this trip so far!

That’s just the garage. There are 3 monster homes on their property, each with a separate garage. I guess they have a big family.