This morning on a quick run along the trail system near the centre of town was an opportunity to see how beautiful Grande Cache is.  It’s really too bad that it took such a hit when the near-by coal mine shut down.  They are slowly building it up.  If it wasn’t so remote, it could be the next Vernon.  It’s more beautiful.

Drive from Grande Cache to Grande prairie. Going from mountains to prairie in two hours.

Snack spot 60 kms away from Grande Prairie.

After the run we got back on the highway for Grande Prairie, the final stop on our Alberta trip.  Kari lives here and took us to the Value Village where rich people drop off expensive stuff.  Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck with finds. Then we went to work in her garden plot.  She’s a forester and the Alberta Forestry department has a helipad and since there’s so much land, they offer the staff plots for 25$ a season.  She harvested so much carrots and potatoes that it put my garden to shame. Leaving early tomorrow morning back to Ontario.  Alberta is really beautiful diverse province.  The landscape changes from muskeg, to prairies, to mountains and foothills.  Most of the towns with the exception of Jasper, Canmore, Banff and Calgary have a very small town American feel to it.  Wide roads, big-box stores, taking away from the beautiful landscape around it.  Things are changing though.  The government spends a lot to create outdoor activities and keep lots of the land for its natural habitat.  Good bye Alberta for now.

Kari pulling out carrots at the garden plot in Grande Prairie.