With advances made in present day healthcare, the aging population are living longer, more active lives. It is starting to become evident that seniors who engage in regular physical, social and mental activity live longer.

In an effort to end loneliness and the negative health affects it can cause, Whole Self Living Centres will offer a unique living opportunity for the 55 plus population. Residents will be matched according to interests, location and price range. Each resident will maintain their independence while having their peers and a staff person close by.

Who is this for?

You are currently living alone. You like your independence but desire the social companionship of your peers and some help with cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. You seek cultural activities and prefer to stay close to public transit. You like the idea of co-living and want to stay away from the corporate retirement centre culture.

About Leehe and Whole Self Living Centres

Leehe is a Healthy Living Specialist. She ran, Whole Self Fitness, which provided fitness and nutrition services for over ten years. She is a certified personal trainer, pilates instructor, water exercise instructor, with 20 years of experience working with older adults. She wants to use her organizing, cooking, fitness and recreational planning skills to create a fun, pleasant, inviting and always interesting co-living home for seniors.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for more informative open houses while we are in the start-up phase. In the mean time, please fill this survey if you are over 55.  Could you be so kind and forward this to others over 55?  The 10 minutes of your time will be greatly appreciated.