It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I took a social media break in September and I enjoyed it so much I haven’t returned! Life is so busy, I’m not sure where I found the time before.

On June 1st I moved out on my own to an apartment a third the size of the last place I lived in. It doesn’t quite feel like home yet. I can’t believe I’ve been here a third of a year!

This is my backyard. Whenever I feel trapped in my tiny apartment, I can escape into a forest.
I’m lucky I can walk to work amongst greenery. Some forest therapy before and after work!

Another big life change, I started working full time (contract) on August 30th. On March 6, my third redeployment contract from the city’s long term care home ended as the second wave ended. The day after I was hired part time with Dixon Hall. The pandemic introduced me to a new career that feels right for me. Being somewhat new in the field of Recreational Therapy is challenging now but I feel lucky to be learning from some talented colleagues.

Until August 30th, adult day programs at Dixon Hall were virtual and staff had to fill the spots because of the lack of volunteers for Meals on Wheels. This experience truly opened my eyes to the disparity in this city.

A lot of the work I do as a Day Program worker with Alzheimer’s clients involves exercise and music. There’s also plenty of opportunity to be creative like planning arts and crafts projects for them, and lots of trivia, word games, stories. Trying to ensure they are getting the full spectrum with us, exposing them to cognitive, social, mental, physical and spiritual engagement.

I calculated that I spend 4.5 hours a week preparing the food I eat all week. That’s 2.6 percent of my week spent on my eating habits. Does that sound like a lot?
Day trips on a weekend make the following work week feel like you fully maximized the weekend. Even if it’s tiring and takes a lot of the prep time for the week.

I do miss teaching non-chair fitness which is why I’ve picked up a class on Saturdays (making it a 6 day work week) 11-12pm, Body Sculpt at North Toronto Memorial Community Centre. It’s a drop-in class, if you’re vaccinated and in the neighbourhood, I’d love to have you!

I still add videos to Patreon. I need to fund my education because I’m enrolled in Therapeutic Recreation in January. I look forward to sharing more from that the next time I get time to write in here. Now, tell me about you.