On Easter Monday I was out for my usual early morning run when I tripped on a small rock and fractured my ankle. This is a week-by-week summary of a foot fracture.

Week 1

I was in denial for most of the first week. While I knew the facts about bone healing, the hard-working, stubborn part of me thought if I do everything right it will go away. I knew that swimming would help but I couldn’t figure out how I would be able to get to the pool. I tried the stationary bike and that was how I got some aerobic exercise. I also did a lot of R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation)

Week 2

By now I had accepted that this was real and going to go through Spring. All the things that bring me joy at this time of year like walking in the ravine, birdwatching, smelling blossoms and active transportation weren’t possible. I did finally came up with a solution to get to the pool and swim without using my legs. It felt amazing to be in the water. I kept serious about eating only healing foods; quality protein, calcium, bone broth and green vegetables. I also took a lot of deep breaths.

Week 3

This was tough because friends stopped checking in. The weather was beautiful outside and I was stuck in my apartment or on transit travelling to work. I often try to be grateful that I have a balcony with a beautiful view. My arms were getting tired from dragging my body around my apartment. My parents kindly brought over an office chair with wheels. That helped me roll around the apartment better. I was getting frustrated with my limitations. I had a few big crying sessions when I felt hopeless. They helped bring me back to acceptance.

Week 4

The few days before my second x-ray I started to get anxious. I knew I pushed myself too hard at my new job even with modified hours. I’ve learned so much and I have high hopes of really improving in this new career. The orthopaedic surgeon okayed me to start weight bearing as tolerated, but it will be another 4 weeks until I’m fully back to normal. I was thrilled! Just having the ability to walk to the bathroom and stand while cooking, felt like I got my freedom back. The day after my x-ray I had my first physio appointment which also went well. I’m starting to walk a little outside and bike to work again. Life is slowly getting back to normal. For that I am grateful.

While this was a particularly dark time, I think it would have been worse if I didn’t find movement or eat nourishing foods. There is always something we can move. Looking for help with that? Email Leehe@Wholeself.ca

The day of my accident. The next day it the whole foot was swollen.
The day before my second Xray. I was worried because it was still looking swollen.
Week 5. Less pain and swelling.
Grateful for having outdoor access with a beautiful view.
I may have not been able to hike in High Park but I did get to see the cherry blossoms outside my workplace!