Jasper, Alberta. Wapiti campground. Sept. 7th,2018.  My 45th birthday.

6 months ago today I was sitting by the Athabasca river looking at the sunrise coming up behind the Rockies.  I was with Chris who held me as I had a little cry about my friend Yasemin who had passed away before she could make 45. I was the lucky one who made it to 45 feeling healthy and loved.  I have never felt more grateful for my life. I made a decision that day; I was going to fill the next half of my life doing things that bring me and others joy. Here’s some of the changes I think helped.

On January 1st of this year, I started recording my daily habits, mood and daily creative and physical task lists. It may take an extra hour out of each day but I believe that this new approach to my life has made me stronger, more energetic and happier.  I have had an increased amount of energy and feel-good days. How?

  1.  Using my time selectively.

If I’m stuck in front of a computer, I use it to take online courses, listen to classical music or watching informative youtube videos. While social media has been and can be interesting, it rarely helps me or brings me joy. I know I should market myself more on social media, for now I choose my computer time to enrich my life.

2.  Most of my workouts serve more than one purpose.

I’ve swam at a lot of pools in my life. Trying to remember them all and collage them. This was from the summer swim in Whitecourt Alberta.

My daily workouts now fit into my schedule much better.  Twice a week, I run to work.  At first it took some planning but now I’ve got it all figured out and my runs are not only longer and harder (because of the extra load on my back) but a lot more fun now that they serve a travel purpose!

3.  Daily art collage.

On Dec 31st of last year, I went to a friend’s house for an afternoon of art project completions.  My project was to make New Year’s day cards for my family.  I had cut all the pieces to be glued to the cards but that took a couple of hours.  It was getting late and I couldn’t exactly transport these tiny pieces back to my place. I took a photograph of them and turned them into e-cards.  The collage part was so much fun that I decided I was going to make one every day in 2019.  Every day when I check off that my collage is complete, I feel like I’m on a path to being a more refined artist. That brings me joy.

4.  Helping

Because of this extra energy, I’ve been able to help people.  I have some new young friends that I visit and spend time with. Spending time with kids brings me joy.  Also volunteering for non-profits when I have a few hours.  If I had more time I’d give more because it’s so much fun!

My new young friends. (I was not part of the purchasing or suggesting of the sugary treat!)

5.  Making new goals

Making new goals gives me something to strive for long term. Today being my half-birthday, I’ve decided to make a goal to complete the National Israel trail before I turn 50.  Improving my family relationships continues to be a weekly goal of mine, I’d like to combine the planning of this goal with them.  The country of Israel is one connection to my family.

Take a moment and tell me how 2019 has been for you? Did you make any goals? I’m always an email away from helping you achieve any healthy lifestyle goals you may have.  Together we can make that happen:  Leehe@WholeSelf.ca