The original plan was to go to Quetico Provincial park and stay overnight but the locals said it was full of wood ticks, plus it’s a long drive and we both really wanted to get to the top of the Sleeping Giant.
Off we went early in the morning to attempt it again. This time we had better directions and didn’t miss the turn off. It was a tough climb but what made the hike hard was the 6.7km just to get to the start of the climb, then 4.3 up and 4.3 down, then back a long 6.7kms to the start. Many people bike the preliminary 6.7 as it’s fairly flat. We didn’t and I’m pooped.
We were lucky when we were at the top to bump into someone who knew the Giant well because there is no signage to know where the highest point really is. There are quite a few spectacular lookouts, by the time we got to the highest, I had lost the initial excitement! The plan was to have lunch up there and chill awhile but the bugs were super bad (you can see massive hives on the back of my neck in the photo). There wasn’t really anywhere to stop and not be bothered by them.
The whole hike took 6 hours and 30 minutes. I’ve got another black toe, a different toe than the one I got doing my 43 km birthday walk. The real high of the climb came at the end of the hike because getting through the last 6.7km after all the climbing and descending my body had enough. When I was all in one piece by the end, there was much to celebrate. Oh and we saw 3 foxes and 4 deer, and lot of butterflies. I’m glad we spent our last day accomplishing a goal we set out before we came here. Wrapping up a great trip. I will miss the peace and quiet and fresh air. I’d come back to Lake Superior in a second, it’s a real special place if you want to get away from the noise, the crowds and the busy-ness of the city.

Me at the Top of the Giant. 11 kms to the top, and 11 kms to get back down.