I’ve been teaching fitness classes for over 15 years. The music I am pressured to play for my ‘hardcore’ classes is not something I enjoy listening to. It’s been a struggle to make playlists because I don’t tend to listen to upbeat electronic music by choice. That all changed in November when I joined Spotify (Thanks Dad!). Now it’s easier for me to listen to 10 new songs a week, decide if they are motivational and add them to my class playlists.

There was a phase of my life where I needed music to workout with. Music was my escape from my gym routine. Then I went away one summer (before the internet), there was no radio stations and the one mixed tape I brought got tiring. I started running without music. As soon as that happened I suddenly was noticing my surrounds more and liked it. From then on, I stopped listening to music while working out. I know the majority of the people that come to my classes, want to be motivated by the music. While a small minority look for me to motivate. Since my Spotify membership, classes are getting bigger and I’m starting to get into the music I choose.

If it were up to me, I’d play classical music. This is the music that brings me the most pleasure. I also enjoy playing the piano. I started taking lessons when I was 7. I stopped at 14, because the pressure was too much and I always wanted to be outside doing sports rather than stuck practicing. I went back to piano lessons in 2013, with an incredible teacher. Piano was a constant challenge and she really helped a lot and made it enjoyable to learn. Unfortunately she grew ill and moved away and I haven’t found a teacher I’m happy with.

Now I’m back to looking for a piano teacher. I’ve still been practicing religiously every morning. I teach myself something new every 2 months but I think it’s time to have new guidance on my piano playing path. If you have a great music teacher suggestion, hit me up!

My last Saturday cooking classes was a pizza party. Party for me now that I have my Saturdays back! Perhaps that’s when I’ll have piano lessons…