Lately I’ve been listening to people talk about their struggles being away from the gym. Our bodies can change a lot in 30-60 days. Try not to let that bring you down right now. Instead adapt your workouts for this temporary lifestyle change. I’m used to being active for hours. I’ve had to change the way I eat and move. Some people adapt better to change than others. If you need help sorting out your wellness needs, I’m an email away.

Mindful eating. Try being mindful about how much you are eating and how full you are. When you pay attention to your body’s needs, you often make better decisions for it.

Being Brave. I know that a lot of swimmers are pretty sad right now. I feel you! It’s hard to not have that gentle workout that we get from the water. There are ways to use swimming muscles in gentle movements and gain strength in new ways. Perhaps my new YouTube channel will offer some help. More videos are on the way!