My housemate below me and I have had phone chats around the same time each day since quarantining began. We catch up on the simple and mundane things we’re doing with our time. She thinks I should blog about some of what I’ve described to her.

  1. Coyotes. My morning run and walk route take me through my beloved Cedarvale Ravine. There’s a family of coyotes living in an area I pass through. We seem to be out on the path at the same time each morning. They haven’t approached me but out of respect for their time to be out in the park, I’ve changed my morning route.
  2. When I’m out around 8am-9am, there are new aromas that fill the air. Bacon fumes, maple syrup and bread being toasted. More morning meals being made at home! Anyone else notice any interesting smells?
  3. Garbage. A lot more. Come on Toronto. Littering should be a crime.
  4. I’ve done my grocery shopping at Fiesta Farms and their screening process makes me more comfortable than some of the other grocery stores I’ve shopped at.
  5. Out on my walks, most people smile and keep their distance. I have encountered angry people but I do my best to remain calm and respect that we each deal with this unusual situation in different ways.
  6. Today (April 1st) at 11am, I’m doing a High Intensity Tabata workout. Email me for a Zoom link if you’d like to join me.

Be kind Toronto.

Every night at 7:30pm, a group of my friends Zoom together. One person took this photo from their walk near Bermondsey and Eglinton ave. This picture of the oddly placed garbage turned into an interesting discussion.
Today’s flatbread had avocado that finally ripened. It was good. I ate it all.
Fiesta Farm rocks. They have a great system in place for the safety of its customers and staff.