As each day passes with uncertainty, I am trying to stay strong. Today was a struggle. A month before the Corona lockdown happened, my life was thrown in a completely new direction. Both in good ways and bad. Now the world has changed direction and I have to prepare for an even more different life and world in the near future.

Most of my joy these days are when I’m moving and helping people. If I can move and help people at the same time, that would be ideal. I don’t know if I will continue scheduling online fitness classes as I need to take this week to prepare for a different life post-pandemic. Here’s my plan until April 6th.

  1. I will keep up with check-ins and social distance walking with friends while that’s allowed.
  2. I won’t be offering ‘classes’ online but I will have zoom meetings open when I exercise…which is often scattered throughout the day. If you feel like working out with me, email in the morning and I can give you the Zoom meeting link(s) for that day.
  3. Non-fitness related activities. I sent an application to volunteer for Kid’s Helpline and enrolled in a career planning course.
  4. Creative projects happily distract me. I unplug to work on my novel, play piano, draw, collage, knitting and blogging.

Keep well and keep in touch Toronto.

Pre-pandemic I got pleasure from both cooking and eating. My taste palate is the same each day and not worthy of the #foodie hashtag. In case you’re wondering that’s homemade flatbread with melted cheese.
I tend to avoid walking when it’s sunny out. Too many people. Instead I work in the yard. It’s hard to see but there’s garlic sprouts! This is my first selfie since the pandemic started.
I gave up my unplugged Friday nights resolution so I can zoom with my family for Shabbat candle lighting.