My month in quarantine, I kept myself busy with all the projects I never had enough time. I liked the challenge of keeping up my fitness leader skills in new ways and communicating more regularly with friends and family.

A couple of weeks ago I watched the city manager talk about the need for help in long term care. Since I am a city employee, I right away emailed redeployment offering to help in Long Term Care (LTC). I love Toronto and want to help the people who need it.

Almost a week has gone by since I started my temporary position as a food service worker. It’s a tough job, I’m not going to lie. The people who work in LTC are amazing. Their devotion to their jobs gets me through each work day. The job duties are not as glamourous as motivating people to move their bodies. I miss how good I had it as a fitness leader. But I’m happy to be healthy enough to help during these hard times.

I created one take short fitness videos every day until I started this job. There are 21 videos in total. While these videos have a swimming theme (originally started because I miss swimming so much), the exercises are beneficial for all levels and can be done with little space.

Take care everyone. Keep moving and I’ll see you soon.

It’s hard not being able to walk outside on my ‘break’. I’m lucky enough to go outside at the end of my work day. The residents do not. The view is nice.
An empty Allen Expressway. I get out as early as I can these days.