Six months into the pandemic, hasn’t been without its challenges. I know life is tough right now for so many of us.

I’ve been thinking about what I’d do if I had 7 years to live. I asked friends and most of them were challenged with what they’d do. After a couple of sleepless nights thinking about life, I came up with a 7 year plan. I highly recommend doing the exercise for long term planning. It has given me a positive direction that will go past the pandemic.

  1. Help people. I would try to help sharing the skills, experience and knowledge I have gained from my 47 years on earth. My Patreon page would keep going! 🙂
  2. Keep moving. I always feel better physically and emotionally when I’m active. Don’t you want more good days?
  3. Explore and continue learning. I’d probably seek out a music therapist/teacher to continue piano lessons.
  4. Eat well. I love good food.
  5. Love. Keep searching for more people to receive and give love to.
  6. Travel. I’d like to continue to use less carbon foot print. There are 7 years of local travel I still want to do.
  7. Be honest with people. No time for holding back.
With the hot summers over, who’s going to join me for outdoor winter fitness?
I’m still underemployed but a few hours some weeks, I have the pleasure of having these guys as my work colleagues.