I had never been to Quebec City before and we’ve been saying we should do a winter weekend getaway for a while now. Last weekend we finally went for it. We traveled with our friends Alan and Tracy. Tracy is a blind amputee who mostly uses a wheelchair. It was a very different holiday (in a good way) and an interesting way of looking at a city.

Skiing was what Chris and I were most looking forward to, besides hanging out with our lovely friends. The Plains of Abraham have groomed trails and we could walk out of our hotel with skis on and just go! Saturday, we woke up before sunrise and had the best ski of the weekend. Though during my ski, my mind often wandered to the dead bodies that once lay at this site.

The rest of the trip we did a lot of walking which is my favourite way to get to know a city. Here are some of initial impressions. Photos follow.

There are lots and lots of hills. Some hills so steep they had railings attached to the buildings I didn’t see a lot of seniors or out of shape people on the streets much. You’ve got to be fit to walk this city!

For a city that hosts winter carnival and offers many winter activities, they do a pretty terrible job of clearing their snow. Walking this city with a wheelchair was tough!

Intersections and traffic scrambles were a bit confusing. Pedestrian countdown timers often didn’t give us enough time with the wheelchair.

Alan who grew up in Quebec noticed that many of the young people now spoke English better.

There were a lot of runners and skiers out at all hours. More morning exercisers than I’m used to!

Quebec City is beautiful. No high rises. Buildings have character and winter decor to brighten up this wintery city.

Taking the train is my absolute favourite way to travel long distances. It’s relaxed, comfortable and the staff were delightful. Perhaps 2020 will also be an air travel free year as well.

Saturday sunrise ski on the Plains of Abraham
Going up the many hills in Levis, Quebec

The Old City. Beautiful but I wouldn’t want to be here during tourist season!
Lots of public art. I love this one and how the ice makes it look like they are crying with runny noses. Must be a sad book! Les liseuses by Rose-Aimée Bélanger
We had a great view of the city. Did my daily core workout looking out at it.
Bumps, ice, potholes are a lot tougher to travel through on a wheelchair.