Happy September!

Summer is almost over but local apples are almost here.(yum!) Cooler weather may be coming, but so are the colourful leaves of fall.  Whatever the season, Whole Self Fitness can help you feel good inside and out, preparing your body for life!

Leehe’s Corner

There is only a week left to sign up for the Healthy Eating class I’ll be leading. This will not be a ‘you should eat this but not this’ kind of course. You won’t be lectured, but instead interact with others, and deconstruct your diet to help you make sense of what’s the right food for your body. To Sign up for Session 1 starting September 22nd visit: http://harthouse.ca/eventssingle/healthy-eating_5229 and Session 2 starts October 20th http://harthouse.ca/eventssingle/healthy-eating_5230

Recipe of the Month – Vegan Saniyeh

Eggplant is being harvested in Ontario and I’m happy to share a recipe I used to enjoy in my childhood.  Since I don’t eat lamb, I was happy that tastes even better when you replace the lamb with eggplant: http://wholeself.ca/recipe-vegan-saniyeh/

Fitness DVD Review – Just b Live Foam Roller Workout

There are a lot of Fitness DVDs out there, not one is the ‘all you need’ workout. This monthly review let’s you make better decisions before you go out and buy them.  With some tips on what to avoid/skip.  Note: Please watch the entire workout before you start, especially if you’re new to fitness.  Here is the link for August’s Fitness DVD Review. http://wholeself.ca/fitness-dvd-review-just-b-live-foam-roller-core-workout/

Looking ahead… a healthy cooking class for kids, stay tuned!
Happy Fall Equinox and Happy Jewish New Year to all who celebrate!