Spring has arrived!

It was a very busy winter, keeping people fit.  Now it’s Spring, are you ready for outdoor fitness?
Thanks to all who filled out the survey on co-housing retirement living. If you are over 55 and haven’t filled it out, please, do here. I’ll be hosting an information night on April 21st, email Leehe@wholeself.ca for the address.  More information and link to survey here: http://wholeself.ca/co-housing-retirement-living-survey/

Recipe of the Month – Fried Insects

Yes, you read that right, insects. It’s a new ingredient that I’m getting myself more comfortable cooking (and now sharing) recipes with you.  If you’re curious, they are quite delicious.  Here’s a bit of background on my interest in insects, and a recipe for fried Mealworms: http://wholeself.ca/recipe-fried-insects/

Whole Self Lifestyle Centres

Whole Self Fitness is ten years old and it’s holding strong with happy, healthy clients. Over the next few years, I will be developing a co-housing model for holistic retirement living.  The first information session on April 21st, please email Leehe@Wholeself.ca for more information.  Read more about this here: http://wholeself.ca/co-housing-retirement-living-survey/

Leehe’s Corner

Many of you know that I used to sell sweet potatoes at farmer’s markets.  I am a big fan of this root vegetable.  I will be sharing my love and knowledge on sweet potato goodness at The Depaneur on their Tuesday April 17th, Table Talks.  You should check out this fun and creative food hub, even if you can’t make it to mine.  Here is more info: http://thedepanneur.ca/event/table-talk-leehe-lev/

Enjoy the warmer temperatures,