Looking for a gift for yourself or someone you care about?  Here are ten reasons why signing up for Hart House’s Healthy Eating 3 week workshop, will be a gift that lasts a long lifetime.

1.  Redefine your diet.  Whether you’re the master of the cleanse or a fast food addict, we can always improve our diet.  Sometimes we need to get an outside perspective to help us achieve our goals.  As a group we all share a common goal: improvement.

2. Deconstruct the diet.  Topics that confuse us like: daily calorie consumption and protein/fat/carbohydrate intake, or which carbohydrate can I actually eat…will become clear.

3.  Be on top of trend diets.  After this course you’ll end all confusion on what it means to be Vegan,  Paleo, South Beach’er or whatever new diet will be the next ‘thing’.  You will discover the power of knowledge when it comes to understanding diet trends.

4. Learn to read a food label for REAL.  Even if you understand how to read a food label, this course will teach you how to interpret a label for your own diet needs.

5.  Learn how to customize recipes for you.  By the third week, you’ll have a better understanding of how to choose the diet that’s right for you.  This will allow you to focus on learning how to make delicious recipes customized for you.

6.  There will be snacks.  Experience some of the types of diets you can experiment with by samples I’ll share with you.  Yum!

7.  Get healthier by doing your homework.  There will be a little homework in the course.  The bonus for completing it, is a stronger, more energetic, happier you.

8. Create a support team.  There will be people signing up for this course for a variety of different reasons. As the instructor and facilitator, I’ll encourage you to support one another as we make our weekly goals to improve our diet.

9.  Hart House is a beautiful building.  You will meet other students and community members and non-members.  The building will inspire you to be a better you.  Plus there’s a nice gym to compliment your new diet.

10.  Leehe is an awesome instructor and this is a very unique workshop. A lot of  personal experimenting went into this course.  This will be the last time the course is offered this school year.  Sign up quick before it’s too late!  http://harthouse.ca/eventssingle/healthy-eating-session-i_5606