My absolute favourite activity of summer is lake swimming.  Nothing beats an early morning swim on a calm lake, without any walls to flip turn off.  It’s something I hope everyone who loves swimming can try in their lifetime.  Before head to the lake for this magical event, here’s some per-cautions you may want to take note off.

1.  Don’t dive in.  Unless you have a crystal clear view of the bottom and have done a swim to verify the depth, don’t dive head-first into unknown waters.  Even familiar waters can change with water levels/storms/seasons.

2.  Find a safe swim zone.  If you’re on a lake with motorboats, know where the buoys are or where to avoid a motorboat going into you.  If available, swim next to someone kayaking/canoeing/paddleboating.

3.  Most Ontario lakes I’ve swam in were fine but checking in to find out about water quality is wise.  E coli, swimmer’s itch or leeches can put a real damper on your swim.

4.  Have someone at the dock to watch you.  If it’s a nice day, there will likely always be someone hanging out at the dock anyway.  It’s not too much a task for someone.  While a certified lifeguard is best, someone to call for help is better than no one.

5.  Know your swimming ability before you set out on your swim.  Swimming in a lake is harder than a pool.  There can be a strong current at any moment, uneven water depths, and obstructions to be aware of.  Find a distance and area to suit your comfort zone and you’ll have a fun and safe swim!

Geared up in a wet suit for Spring swim in 19 degrees water temperature.

Geared up in a wet suit for Spring swim in 19 degrees water temperature.