We were slow getting ready this morning, mostly because we didn’t really have a plan on what to do. We both need to do a strength workout so we improvised with what we had and did a mostly body weight workout. After our muscles got some action, we drove to a closer destination in another direction: Kingston. We didn’t have a plan on what to do in Kingston until we arrived and saw that we would make the next ferry to Wolfe Island.

I’ve been many times to Wolfe Island because I have a family friend who has a cottage there. In all my years going, I’ve never been to the west part of the island. After a walk to Pan Chancho Bakery for the best olive sourdough bread we rode the ferry and turned right instead of left for the first time.

Wolfe Island has had devastating effects from the Lake Ontario floods from early summer. Big Sandy Bay which is at the west end of the island couldn’t open this summer (and still is closed). I still wanted to check it out. Even though there was no one there and the gate was closed, I still went in because the water looked so beautiful. The light blue made it look like a tropical beach. Chris stood guard while I took a quick dip and floated on the big waves. It was quite rough but the water hasn’t gotten too cool yet. This part of the beach where I ‘trespassed’ was more rocky than the other part we went to after.

The walk into the other closed beach was over a kilometer to get to. I was hungry and tired and almost wanted to give up going down this endless path but we finally made it. This beach was sandy with barely a beach. The pictures describe it best.

We got back at a reasonable hour today so we could take time making a nice dinner to end of the day. Hope to get up and out early for the place I’m most looking forward to. Stay tuned!