Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My legs ached and felt like I needed more sleep. I was still determined to get Chris and I out the door to Murphy’s Point Provincial park. The drive to Murphy’s point was a bit shorter than yesterday’s drive but it felt longer. I was in no mood for driving. But we finally got there. I wanted a real swim workout but after a hike. We chose the The Point trail which ended at a beach.

During the hike I didn’t take in the beautiful surroundings, the smell of pine, the fact that we were the only people on this hike. Instead I tried to workout internally why I was in the rotten mood that I was. I felt depleted, emotionally and physically. The hike was 5 km plus an extra 1.5 kms finding the start of the hike (we were in the wrong parking lot). I was hot and really wanted to do my swim workout while I was hot, but I needed food. We had half our lunch and headed to Big Rideau lake, the main beach.

The beach was on a quiet, protected bay off of Big Rideau lake. Once I got into the water I just swam straight into the bay away from the beach. The lake had patchy cold bits and it was cloudy from the sandy/muddy bottom. Stroke by stroke, metre by metre, my mood started to lift. By the time I made it back to the beach, I felt good again.

In better spirits we ate the rest of lunch at the beach. After lunch we drove another 10 minutes to Chris’s cousin’s stone farmhouse. It was a short visit to show me the house which was close to 200 years old and right on the Big Rideau lake. The house definitely looked old with peeling plaster and creeky floors. We were so close to Perth, after we drove a bit more and went for a walk around town. The drive home and my mood went a lot better heading back to the cottage. Last day of 45 wasn’t the best but at least I’m ending the day in better spirits.

The Point Trail, Murphy’s Point Provincial park. I sorted a lot of mixed feelings during this hike.