Probably, just about, everybody benefits from water exercise. Perhaps you fit into one of the following populations listed below. Send me an email and find out how water exercise can benefit you!


Water training is an excellent way to train the core stabilizing muscles and limit or eliminate joint loading. Water training allows the athlete to experience multi-directional resistance that is adjustable at every moment of the movement experience.

Aging/ Fragile and Obese population

For those with bone, muscle, or joint troubles, the warmth, buoyancy, and resistance of the water challenges the body while easing strain on problematic areas. Over a period of time, people notice a decrease in pain, improved daily function, and improved perceived quality of life.

 People with Arthritis

For people with Arthritis, it improves use of affected joints without worsening symptoms. People with Rheumatoid Arthritis have more health improvements after participating in hydrotherapy than with other activities. Water-based exercise also improves the use of affected joints and decreases pain from Osteoarthritis.

 Children and Teens

Swimming is a fun activity that children will be performing without noticing that it’s physical exercise!  Children will improve their concentration as swimming requires focus and rhythm in the swimming strokes


Why not teach your newborn to swim before they can walk? As, their swimming progresses you will witness improved coordination, strength, endurance and lung capacity.
Researchers have documented that the stimulating effect of child-paced infant/toddler swimming lessons has the potential to increase intelligence, concentration, alertness, and perceptual abilities. Improvement in social, emotional and physical development has also been published.
The smooth and fluid exercise in the water results in healthier naps following swimming and improved sleeping patterns throughout the night.

Pregnant Women

Exercising in water is ideal for pregnant women because the water’s buoyancy requires you to support only 50 percent of your body weight, it reduces the risk of stress-related injuries, and the compression of the water is soothing on joints and muscles that are stressed by the added bulk of your pregnancy. The water’s temperature also keeps you from overheating during your workout.