A couple of months ago, I wrote this blog entry on getting the most out of an ethically raised chicken.  The price is often higher, but if you use all of it, you get your money’s worth.Once you’ve cooked the chicken and taken all the meat off there are many uses.

I’ve been adding more fermented foods into my diet.  A few weeks ago I bought Black Bean Sauce from the farmers market.  The Black Beans for the sauce are fermented black soybeans mixed with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and cayenne.  I have added this to all my stir fries over the past few weeks for amazing flavour, not only to chicken but other proteins and vegetables.  You can buy the fermented beans and make your own sauce, if you prefer.  Maybe next month a black bean sauce recipe.

Chicken with Black Bean sauce

1 tablespoon Black Bean sauce
1 cup of chicken meat (or one piece of fish, chicken breast, tofu block, any protein will do)
2 cups of veggies (I used an onion, broccoli and mushrooms)
1/2 tablespoon of sunflower oil and sesame oil

Add the oils to a pan at medium/high and add your meat (which is already cooked, if not, cook thoroughly before adding veggies), once meat and veggies have began to cook, with spatula, move around the rim of the pan, leaving the centre of the pan free. Mix the black bean sauce with a tablespoon of water and add to the centre of the pan.  As sauce starts to warm up bit by bit move the veggies/protein into the centre and evenly coat with the sauce.  Serve warm.

Almost Finished Black Bean Sauce.

Almost Finished Black Bean Sauce.