When I first started marketing Fitness services I wanted to share my love of nutrition and healthy eating with the world.  I believe that diet and nutrition are as important as exercise in maintaining our health. I got paid to give talks and cooking demos/classes on health food.  It was before everyone and their dog was announcing the NEW SUPERFOOD.  People had never heard of quinoa or cared much for kale. I’ve been responsible for opening people’s minds about healthy eating way back when.

The way I define healthy eating is a lot different now that I’ve tried many dietary experiments and have worked with such a diversity of clients. I’ve refined my ideas over the last 13 years, and my version of healthy eating is much more sophisticated than what I used to recommend. If I were to preach now about healthy eating, I think I’d inspire people briefly and then they would try my diet and get discouraged fast.  I couldn’t go from the diet I had 13 years ago to today’s diet over night!

My healthy eating journey started with breakfast.  For me mornings are when I’m at my best.  My brain is most alert, my energy levels are high and I make the healthiest eating choices. It first started with making my own cereal to cut down on sugar. Then it progressed to taking out carbs and switching fruit to greens and usually eggs for protein and fat. I like knowing I get my greens and important nutrients in me for the day.

My diet doesn’t appeal to most people.  While I’m a lover of eating, I wouldn’t call myself a foodie. I no longer put just anything in my mouth to try.  My diet allows me to keep moving my body as I did when I was a teenager.  It helps me stay alert and emotionally stable and that’s why I’m strict about it.

Unfortunately all too often, people are uncomfortable with my lack of flexibility at meal time. Eating is often a social activity, and having a strict and limited diet can be socially awkward. I do occasionally splurge. For me splurging too often makes me tired and lethargic which gets in the way of the full life I lead. Please don’t take it personally. There are so many ways to enjoy the company of others that doesn’t involve you sharing the same eating experience.  Potlucks, walks, games nights, concerts, hikes, art galleries, visiting a new city/neighbourhood, or lecture.

I haven’t preached healthy eating for a few years now. My last course related to cooking was less preaching and more getting the participants to find a diet that is right for them. Finding the right diet doesn’t happen overnight. The outcome is to teach people how to progressively make healthy diet modifications that work for them.

A typical breakfast. Eggs fried in coconut oil with a sprinkle of seaweed and turmeric. Under a bed or organic greens (tahini dressing) and cabbage/carrot salad (ACV and Olive Oil dressing). Takes me 10 minutes to prepare and keeps me going in my very active lifestyle.

If you ask me to help you with your diet, I start with a series of questions to see if you should bother spending the money on my services.  Be prepared to change not only the way you eat but the way you interact with people and at social events.  It can be hard but the right people accept you and your diet because it makes you a better you.