The Firm: Sculpt-ilaties is a total-body 50 minute workout, great for beginners. The exercises are done with one Thera-band and body resistance.
I found it a nice way to target core muscles and the little muscles often not worked when you’re sticking to a regimented weight lifting or weight machine workout. Give it a try for a change up to your routine.
The instructor was very good at explaining the correct posture for each exercise. She constantly provided advice for the beginners.
There was upbeat music in the background but her voice tends to dominate. If you’re looking to go at your own pace, put your own music in the background, mute her and go along with the workout. Though I wouldn’t recommend doing that if you’re new to exercise and haven’t already watched the DVD once.
The program works at a fairly consistent pace. (I would have preferred it to be faster) and is sectioned of from standing to floor work, to side, supine and prone positions. She would do a number of exercises in each position before moving on.
Overall, if you’ll looking for a ‘sculpting’ or ‘toning’ program focusing on core as well, this is a good DVD for it. The instructor is positive but not over the top about it. There are two other leaders in the shot, one is always doing the beginner version with modifications.
If you’re looking to get into Pilates, this is a good place to start.