Here’s a DVD that I can recommend to a wide range of fitness levels. You’ll need an exercise ball which is incorporated into the entire workout. I did all three chapters, upper, lower body and abs/back. I believe the entire workout was about an hour.
The lower body chapter managed to work each part of the lower body, right down to the calves. That’s very rare for a ‘total-body’ workout DVD. Usually there’s one muscle missing, that’s usually the calf muscles. Same with the upper body, she misses no muscles. The abs and back section was probably the most challenging but she is very good about getting the right balance for all the muscles in this region.
I didn’t sweat nor get my heart rate up to a challenging zone. There was barely any resistance to even make me think I got much muscle strengthening work done either. The use of the ball in each exercise does get the core muscles engaged. Even though the exercises for with the other muscle groups are not very challenged, your core is definitely working.

A core workout, whether you’re a beginner or advanced is something we could all benefit from. I felt good that I completed it. It proves you don’t always have to get a high impact workout to feel good. I’d recommend this DVD to add just the right amount of variety to your regular workout routine.u57756jvu4i