The DVD is split up into 3 different workout chapters. First is ‘Creative Roots” which is all done standing, or should I say squatting in isometric leg exercises.

Shiva Rea’s voice over is also quite calming to hear.  She takes you through each movement with clarity and focus on breath. She sticks to the yoga philosophy of going at your own pace and movements that work for you. There’s a lot of flexibility to do your own movements within the yoga pose she’s instructed you to be in.

The next section is Creative Core, this was done mostly on floor with half of it on your hands and knees and the other on the back. Instead of a repetition workout, it flowed into brief yoga poses. The challenging part was the planks but the holds weren’t held for long enough to make it impossible for a beginner. She ends off with a meditation section in which you were free to do what you pleased for the two minutes. I felt I needed some more workout and did her bonus section which was Vinyasa. A flowing yoga workout which takes each pose of the sun salutation and adds a bit more movements within each position.  This DVD is a good compliment to a workout program. Make sure that you’re balancing other workout days with upper body and cardiovascular activity.