I’ve done some fitness classes online now and I’d say that today’s were a success! It makes me happy that I can help people feel limber and strong during a stressful time. I’ve added some more! Here are class descriptions and times for the next two days. Classes are 30 minutes.

Tuesday Tabata at 11:00am
This will be a high intensity workout. You can do it with a pair of cans, or large filled water bottles if you don’t have dumbbells. 90% of the class will be body weight exercises. I will be giving modifications too. I live on the top floor so the jumping will be limited on my end, but I’ll encourage you to challenge yourself.

Wednesday Pilates Fusion 11am
A mix of balance work, stretching and core strength. No equipment required. I do have a BOSU ball and Stability ball if we have enough interest I can easily put a props class together.

Wednesday Chair Pilates 11:30am
A mix of stretching and core strength work on a chair with options to stand or lay down.

Email Leehe@Wholeself.ca for the link meeting. Please read http://leehelev.com/llev-writes-corona-coping-part-2 for further info on what to expect with an online class.