August is the best time of year for local produce. Cherries may be over but peaches are sweet and juicy. Why not try a new Ontario vegetable this week? Don’t know how to prepare them? Contact Leehe@WholeSelf.ca, not only do we provide fitness training, we also teach cooking in your home.

Leehe’s Corner

This summer was toilsome on me.  I was faced with many set backs and losses but through it all, I have an even better understanding about healthy eating and cooking. With that expanded knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve created a course, like no course I’ve taught before. This fall, I’m teaching two 3-week courses on Healthy Eating.  After the 3 weeks, you’ll have a better understanding of what Healthy Eating means for you. Sign up and class description here: Session 1 http://harthouse.ca/eventssingle/healthy-eating_5229 and Session 2 http://harthouse.ca/eventssingle/healthy-eating_5230

Recipe of the Month – Beets from top to bottom

Beets at this time of year are superb!  I’ve been preparing them raw, roasted, BBQ’ed, and even pickled some.  What’s extra special about freshly picked beets? The green tops are edible, healthy and delicious.  Here are two recipes that use both parts of the beet: http://wholeself.ca/recipe-beets-from-top-to-bottom/

Fitness DVD Review – Balanceball-Core Cross Train

There are a lot of Fitness DVDs out there, not one is the ‘all you need’ workout. This monthly review let’s you make better decisions before you go out and buy them.  With some tips on what to avoid/skip.  Note: Please watch the entire workout before you start, especially if you’re new to fitness.  Here is the link for August’s Fitness DVD Review. http://wholeself.ca/fitness-dvd-review-balanceball-core-cross-train/

Enjoy the rest of Summer and all the outdoor activities and fresh produce it has to offer!