Happy Holidays!

It’s a busy time of year, with lots of fun gatherings, serving decadent food.  Let’s enjoy the holiday but try to keep a balance, by not forgetting to exercise and eat healthy (and in moderation). Remember that Whole Self Fitness can help keep you on track when it comes to diet and exercise.  Whole Self Fitness gift certificates make a thoughtful holiday present, call for more information: 416-924-3145/Leehe@WholeSelf.ca

Leehe’s Corner

There will be another Healthy Eating class offered in January.  Here are 10 reasons why you, or someone you care about, should sign up: http://wholeself.ca/the-most-valuable-holiday-gift-for-2015/
Link to sign up online here: Healthy Eating @ Hart House

After a successful cooking class to 5-6 year olds, I’ve decided to continue teaching cooking to children. If you have any ideas for topics your kids would be interested in, I’ll be teaching ‘pop up’ children’s cooking classes in the new year. Email me your suggestions!

Recipe of the Month – Chocolate Coconut Truffles

Keeping in spirit with the holiday season, I’m sharing a dessert recipe this month.  Coconut oil is said to improve memory. This is a simple, decadent dessert, your guests will remember you by: http://wholeself.ca/recipe-chocolate-coconut-truffles/

Fitness DVD Review – Sculpt-ilates

There are a lot of Fitness DVDs out there, not one is the ‘all you need’ workout. This monthly review let’s you make better decisions before you go out and buy them.  With some tips on what to avoid/skip.  Note: Please watch the entire workout before you start, especially if you’re new to fitness.  Here is the link for August’s Fitness DVD Review.http://wholeself.ca/dvd-review-sculpt-ilates/

Water Exercise – Bilateral Breathing for Front Crawl

Most of us learned breathing for front crawl from one side. Here’s why we should teach and learn bilateral breathing  from the start: http://wholeself.ca/bilateral-breathing-for-front-crawl/

Have a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!