Happy Heart Month!

While romantic love is a nice, self love should be as important, as the love we give to others. Finding time to exercise, be outdoors, cook healthy food, are all ways of expressing self love.  We receive and give more love when we treat ourselves with love.  Find someone you care about and introduce them to fitness this month and save.  Read more below about of the February Special.

Recipe of the Month – Sweet Potato Sort’a Kugal

With the cold weather we’ve been having, our cravings for comfort food then to happen more often.  This is my new favourite winter dish that’s comforting, without any guilt.  http://wholeself.ca/sweet-potato-sorta-kugal/

Fitness DVD Review – Prevention’s Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss

There are a lot of Fitness DVDs out there, not one is the ‘all you need’ workout. This monthly review let’s you make better decisions before you go out and buy them.  With some tips on what to avoid/skip.  Note: Please watch the entire workout before you start, especially if you’re new to fitness.  Here is the link for February’s Fitness DVD Review.

Water Exercise-My Thoughts on Thought Catalogs’s Article

If you’re a swimmer, you’ll have a good laugh reading ’37 Things Only Swimmers Know’.  If you’re a non-swimmer or new to swimming, I’ve added comments on most of the points the article stresses to help you fall in love with swimming! http://wholeself.ca/my-thoughts-on-thoughtcalatogs-37-things-only-swimmers-know/

February’s ‘Share the Love’ Special

Curious to try Buddy Training? Bring a friend for free to your personal training sessions during the month of February ($25 savings).  Refer a friend and receive 10% off your March sessions.  Email Leehe@WholeSelf.ca for more info.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Family day!