Here are some tips to give you motivation if you’re not so in to swimming (yet).  You can read more about swimming in the water exercise section of this blog if you need more reason to know that making the effort to swim is VERY WORTHWHILE!

The Joy of Swimming.

1.  Choose the pool closest with the most convenient hours.  You may have a pool you really like or one you are already a member of, but on those days where you can’t bother to swim, a pool that’s close, makes for much last excuses.

2. Reward yourself.  Find a favourite coffee shop or park near the pool and hang out there after your workout.

3. Take a friend.  Make it a workout, then spa day (but bring natural scent free products to be considerate to others in the public showers)

4.  Put it in your schedule.  If you make it a priority, there won’t be any good excuses to get out of it.  Time how long it takes you to travel to pool, change, swim, shower and get dry again and set that time aside.  Note, that the first few times you do a water workout, pre and post swim preparation will take longer.  The more often you do it, the fast you get at learning the short cuts to getting dry faster. 🙂