Often in my ten week long registered Pilates classes, I use one or two sessions to introduce barre work.  Stott Pilates DVD are through and pay attention to proper alignment giving very detailed instructions on what your body is to be doing. One has to keep in mind that these DVDs are also there to sell Stott Pilates products.  When I hoped to gain some interesting ideas for bar I got a bunch of exercises in repeat sets using different pieces of equipment.

While this wasn’t the DVD I had hoped for, I do recommend if:

1. You are new instructor looking to learn new cues and instructing tips

2. You own  a lot of exercise toys (balls, bands, circles etc), you may learn a few moves to make your workouts different.

3. You like spending an hour on a full body strength and flexibility workout.  (there aren’t that many of us out there that like to take an hour to do an okay workout.)

The quality of the Stott Pilates DVDs are high, as are the instructors who lead them. The Stability Barre Training DVD wouldn’t be one I’d recommend to the majority of folks looking for a fitness DVD they’d want to use as part of a regular workout routine.