June will be a busy month, fitting in new and existing clients before Whole Self Fitness closes on June 29th-August 10th.  If you want to book sessions in June or after August 11th, contact Leehe@WholeSelf.ca/416-924-3145

Win VIP Passes to AGO

Whole Self Fitness will be closed from June 29th-August 11th.  If you want to continue receiving this monthly newsletter and enter a draw for a pair of VIP passes to the Bacon/Moore AGO exhibit, sign up here before June 25th: http://wholeself.ca/newsletter/

Recipe of the Month – Sugar-Free Strawberry Jam

Ontario Strawberries are here!  A sign of summer and more local fruit ahead is the almighty strawberry.  Why not preserve this goodness into a jam.  Here’s a recipe without sugar: http://wholeself.ca/sugar-free-strawberry-jam-recipe/

Fitness DVD Review – Pilates for Lower Back Pain

There are a lot of Fitness DVDs out there, not one is the ‘all you need’ workout. This monthly review let’s you make better decisions before you go out and buy them.  With some tips on what to avoid/skip.  Note: Please watch the entire workout before you start, especially if you’re new to fitness.  Here is the link for April’s Fitness DVD Review.

Water Exercise- Tips for Lake Swimming

I’m pretty excited to be next to a lake for July. I hope that you can experience lake swimming this summer.  If you do, read these tips and you’ll stay safe and have fun: http://wholeself.ca/tips-for-lake-swimming/

Have a great summer!  Stay hydrated and enjoy new Ontario produce as it comes up.  There will be something new to try every week!