If your resolution, this year, is to lose weight and/or drink more water, a good way to stay hydrated with zero calories is drinking herbal tea.  Making your own tea, can be an interesting way to learn about new herbal remedies or interesting scents and flavours.
Get creative with your favourite herbs and spices, while getting some medicinal value out of it too!

Tea blend ideas

Lemon grinds + Fresh mint =  Refreshing way to start your day.  Great for digestion, best to drink first thing in the morning before breakfast.
Ginger + Dried pear = I love this combination for flavour.
Crushed peppermint = Need a quick pick-me-up? This tea can help!
Thyme and sage
Cardamom and cinnamon
Lemongrass and ginger  = Indigestion? Trying drinking this combination.


Let the tea blend seep for 10 minutes but not longer, as the flavour may start to go off.  There a few ways to steep your homemade tea:
Tea Bags- available at most tea and coffee shops. This method isn’t reusable but travels well.
Steeper- There are a variety of steepers available at coffee/tea shops and kitchen supply stores.  They usual are a sphere shaped with screen to keep leaves in and allow flavour out.
Teapot-  I recently purchased a tea pot which has a built in steeping compartment.  I’ve seen  single mugs with  a tea strainer that fits at the top.