Starting good habits, I’ve discovered, don’t have to require much devotion or willpower.  Pick something you want to do, like starting to exercise.  Choose the amount of exercise you think is so easy, it’s almost laughable.  Next, do it.  Do it every day and see where it takes you.

I used to be a script writer.  In fact, I quit my full time job, to start Whole Self Fitness so I could have more time to write.  Little did I realize how much time running a business was that I ended up taking an eight year break from script-writing.

I decided what would be the easiest way to get myself back into the daily habit of script writing again.  I started with three sentences a day.  In 3 months, I had a full timeline summary of a feature length film.  The next 3 months, I upgraded my habit to writing page a day of script (approximately 1 minute a page).

Two weeks ago, I finished my first draft.  I was feeling really proud of this accomplishment, which all started half a year ago with an easy daily habit.

Now that I’m in the editing process, I’m looking for some creative volunteers interested in reading the script to provide feedback.  In the past, I invited the volunteers over for some refreshments and script discussion. If you’re interested email with the subject line: script reader