We took our time in the morning. I had a swim, a good breakfast and packed a lunch for Boulevard Lake park picnic. This man-made lake had a 5 km path around it, some of which connected to the Trans-Canada trial. There were art installations, lots of benches to chill on, picnic tables, a beach (with kayak and canoe rentals) and a frisbee golf area. We walked around the lake and it was exactly 5 km! Great place for cycling and running and there were neighbourhoods and public transit near by, so you can get to green space without a car in this city!
After our lunch we walked around the Bay and Algoma street area. A few restaurants, a look inside and out of the infamous “Hoito”. Thunder bay doesn’t have much of a cute small town feel to it. There are wide roads, not many street trees and many streets without sidewalks. For a town surrounded by such beautiful parks, there’s not much of a community feel to it. Too bad, because it’s so beautiful and quiet up here.

There were art installations along the Boulevard Lake path.

Boulevard Lake. A man-made lake with a 5 km path around it.

On bridge/dam.

Bike lane with bollards on the Trans Canada trail.

Boulevard Lake dam.