Since my friend Yasemin died I’ve tried a lot harder to be a better friend, daughter and sister, like she was. I enjoy the people in my life right now.  One goal I’ve started working on is coming out to more events that I’m invited to in the summer.  I tend to turn invites that involve blaring sun, loud noises and crowds.  This summer I’ve tried to change my not so positive attitude about summer

Bees on flowers makes me happy.

Last night was a good friend’s birthday and she wanted to meet at the hottest time of day down at Ontario place. I had walked there and back in the morning.  Instead of being a pain in the ass party pooper, I decided to look forward to it.  I put a cool sundress, a funky looking cotton shirt to block the sun, sunscreen on my face then road Bike Share down to Ontario Place. The bike I rode down worked well. (Sometimes they don’t).

Sharing scallops with the birthday gal.

The route I had just walked a few hours earlier was whizzing by me. Passing parks and pools, and tons of tourists riding Bike Share!  It reminded me what a great city Toronto is. When I arrived, I was greeted by my two good friends who make the world a better place. At the Pan Asian Night Market I tried stinky tofu, and scallop in their shell, (all of which didn’t have sugar! ) and sat in the shade on the water taking in the lake breeze.  I knew that was a moment I’d remember why there’s no reason to not love summer.

Sharing stinky tofu. Yup it’s stinky but it’s good for gut health.