We are staying at Chris’s sister Kari’s cottage in Slave Lake for the long weekend. Last night I finally had a good sleep after a week of not getting enough hours of sleep. We slept in until 6am, which is 8am Toronto time.  I never get up that late in Toronto!  Because of the good sleep and the cool air, we went for a run.  I had a lot of energy, so much so that after the run, the rest of the group wanted to walk to the Lesser Slave Lake Provincial park, we joined.  On our walk we saw deer, a grouse family and lots of magpies. We had only set out to do 5 kms so none of us brought water bottles.  We were all very happy to find wild blueberries.

The beach was rough today.

In the afternoon, we went for a bike ride and Chris, Geoff and his girlfriend Karen put on wet suits and went into the very cold and rough lake. It’s 9 degrees up here and very windy.  Hoping it calms down to spend more time at the beach tomorrow.