Today we were more efficient in the morning.  We got up earlier.  Still it’s amazing how much time we spend looking for things when everything we have for our trip, plus the camping gear we borrowed, and our bedding is all in one small place. If I was on my own I’d have better organized it but when you’re traveling with someone else it’s harder to communicate that. Still we have improved since yesterday.

We were almost at the top. This made for a nicer shot. Parker Ridge Trail.

We went off to a different peak. Very windy up there. We found a shelter from the wind.

We drove a little over an hour to get to the Columbia Icefields.  Stopping first at the visitor centre (and now we’re back here for the Wi-Fi to publish this blog).  We opted for the Parker Ridge Trail.  A fairly easy hike, steep at the beginning but a little more challenging on a narrow traverse on a steep slope at the end of the main trail.  On the way down, we went up another trail and for another view of the glacier.  Total hike time with stops for photos and lunch was 2.5 hours.   After the hike we looked at a campsite near by which were beautiful and if I didn’t need a shower so badly, I’d have stayed their tonight. (They don’t have showers or running water)  Once I send this off we’ll head back to Jasper and stay at another campsite.  Last day being 44!