Today was the five km race day.  Chris asked me if I wanted to guide because there wasn’t a guide assigned for Chris yet.  Chris wasn’t concerned about winning (because that wouldn’t happen with me guiding!) so I agreed to it as something fun to do.

When we arrived, Chris’s guide from yesterday was back and happy to guide a faster race for Chris. My role for the race was helping at the finish line. The weather was cold, perfect for skiing but not so perfect for standing around.  At least the 5km race took less time than the 10km.  Chris came first (again) while the guide came way behind!

Chris and guide starting the 5km race.

In the afternoon we both did a nice 7km trail. Knowing that it was my last time on the mountain I took many deep breaths of the fresh air and took in all the surrounding beauty of this place.

Tonight was the AGM and as a participant, I was given voting rights for this year.  It was mostly interesting and the organization is in good financial shape.  The one concern was that it was an old board and to keep the organization alive, there needed to be younger people. I nominated my friend Tracy to the board, she accepted and was elected to a position on the board.

Scenic view from the trail.

Chris and I at Sovereign lake.