My hip flexor muscles were spasming this morning when I walked a certain way, squatted and stood up again.  Up early before Chris, I went to the gym and took advantage of their rollers and did some stretching and exercises that didn’t aggravate the muscles.  It helped a little.

The buses left 30 minutes early because today was the 10 km race for the skiers.  Chris had a fast skier to guide so I was left with no skier.  Instead I marshalled.  It was a really interesting experience watching the guides communicate with the skiers on what turned out to be terrible ski conditions.  There was a snow storm that began with the race (and ended as soon as it was over), making visibility bad for the guides.  The tracks were obliterated by the fresh snow. It was a tough race.  Chris still won by a long shot, way ahead of the skier who came in second.

Because the conditions were so bad, the bus left early to head back to town.  I had time for just a quick 30ish minute ski after lunch.  My hip flexors as usual felt good while I was skiing but as soon as I stood up from the bus, the spasms were back.  Decided to just keep moving with a swim/sauna.  It’s suppose to be cold and sunny tomorrow, that will be superb for the 5km race happening in the morning.