I slept better last night and woke up at my usual 4:30am time. Chris was still sleeping so I went to do my morning exercises (and some) at the gym.  A little tired of having yet another meal without protein I can eat, I walked over to the grocery store and got some alternatives for future meals.

Again, I was matched with Chris to guide and we tried a non-Ski For Light trail.  It was a 7 km intermediate route that was suppose to offer nice views but low cloud and snow resulted in poor visibility. The warmer temperature made the skiing tougher today. The snow was packed,

Still in awe with the amount of snow!

those of us with wax-less skis (me) or the wrong wax (Chris) stuck a lot with very little glide.  The trail was mostly empty, making it so quiet.  Nice route too with a mix of rolling hills and long climbs and big down hills.

After lunch I was really tired and my hip flexers and adductors were hurting. But there is nothing better than movement after a meal. Once I get moving the pain tends to go away.  Chris skate skied and we did the Ski for Light 5 km loop which will be part of the race course tomorrow.  When we finished that loop I was done.

About to go downhill. Me and the snow bank for size comparison.

As soon as we got back I went for a swim and sauna to relax my muscles. After sitting around my hips are hurtin.’ Going to take it nice and easy now. Hope my body will adapt to these new fitness routines because this kind of lifestyle is when I’m most happy.  Strength training in the morning, after breakfast outdoor activity, after lunch outdoor activity, pre or post dinner swim and all my meals eaten with friends.  If only one could earn a living like this!