Hit the Spot Pilates is not the right fitness workout for those trying Pilates for the first time.  If you have been doing Pilates for a while and have a have a good understanding of body alignment and technique, this is a great series of short (10 minutes) core workouts.  I may even take it out again and do it again as part of my daily Pilates practice.

The DVD is divided into 7 different workouts.  Six of the workouts hit, ‘target’ areas (hips, abs, waistline, butt and thighs).  All the workouts are core workouts with a few moves altered from the Classical Pilates to work the muscles in the target area.

The final section, “The Pilates Challenge” is 15 minutes and done standing up and a fun and different approach to the traditional practice.

If you have never done Pilates and are new to fitness, don’t start with this DVD because:

  • She moves through exercises very fast.
  • She doesn’t give clear instructions on body alignment or posture checks to remind newbies
  • She talks about toning and getting rid of fat in target areas.  She should know better as there is no such thing as target area fat loss.
  • The warm-ups are too quick.

For the advanced Pilates enthusiasts, you may want to opt for music only as Denise Austin has a very raspy (and kind of annoying) voice, probably from all her years of leading fitness classes.