Yoga for Arthritis with Peggy Cappy
Total Time: 110 minutes
Approximate time per segment: 10 minutes

Most of the time when I review Fitness DVDs, I’m reluctant to recommend
them to people who have had injuries or have never exercised before.  In almost every fitness DVD I’ve watched, there’s always a section that I’m a bit worried may be unsafe for some beginners.  This is not the case for Easy Yoga for Arthritis.
The instructor, Peggy Cappy, is clear and concise, with a calm voice.  Her experience and love for Yoga comes out naturally.  There is very little film effects.  It appears that it was filmed in real time, which makes it appealing to someone new to fitness.
The sections are broken up:
Gentle Warm-ups to loosen shoulders, neck and back, legs and feet
Warm up for hands wrists and arms
Standing poses
Seated poses
Deep relaxation techniques
The exercises are slow and relaxing leading to the deep relaxation technique seection. If you’re in a hurry, there’s a good chance you will be relaxed by the time you get to the deep relaxation section, you could probably skip it.
I found her guided meditation much less tranquil than in other DVDs or classes I’ve experienced, maybe because she is reading from a paper.  If you listen and close your eyes, you may find it relaxing.  It’s all what you put into it.
This isn’t the DVD that’s going to bulk up your muscles but if you are new to fitness or have chronic pain, this gentle program, done regularly, will build strength.