This past Saturday my brand new phone fell on the tiled floor and broke. It’s not a standard phone so dealing with the non-functioning screen was a lot more complicated. Along with complication, stress levels rise.

I’m not terribly attached to my phone but it’s unfortunate that I rely on it. Without getting into details of how I ended up buying another phone that’s not as great as the one that broke, I’ll break down some advice that may help you through a stressful situation.

  1. Let yourself react to the situation as you need to. You may cry, scream, throw up your arms in despair or swear. Just don’t hurt someone or take the stressful situation out on someone else. If you want empathy from people be honest about what’s stressing you out.
  2. Try to stay as present as possible. Stress causes us to be distracted, confused, upset and the more we focus on the negatives, the more likely the stress will build or your body will react. An example is Sciatica or Shingles, are often caused by stressed
  3. Breathe. It’s easy to forget in stressful situations. Take deep breaths. Shallow breathing and/or erratic breathing makes a stressful situation more difficult to deal with.
  4. If the stressful situation has no immediate solution, the easiest way to acceptance is to think of worse situations you could be in. When your situation isn’t as bad, try to be thankful.
  5. Know that bad situations pass, just like good ones. Accept the bad situations and appreciate the good. If you stick to these five points, bad situations will be a lot less difficult to get through.

My situation got dealt with. I’ve posted some photos from the weekend. This new camera isn’t as good as the one that broke. That’s okay, it’s nice to have a working phone. My old phone may not be here anymore but I still am. Thankful for staying healthy through it all!

Sunday morning ski in Cedarvale Ravine. How lucky I am to live so close to this park.
Spent Sunday afternoon with my favourite kids at the AGO. This was an exercise car. Kids have such interesting ideas.
Monday run in -16 degrees. No I didn’t rob any banks.