I slept in today (7am!), first time waking up past 6am in years! Gotta love being on vacation. My body felt good. We did what most people who live in a pedestrian unfriendly town, drive to somewhere we can run. We drove to Chippewa Park, a city run park on First Nations land. There’s a sandy beach, some camping cabins, and an defunct amusement park and zoo. We had the entire park and beach to ourselves. This was the best day so far, as I wasn’t expecting much. I thought my body would not hold out for much of a run but the fresh lake air, the silence and stillness and scenery made this one of the best runs I’ve ever had.
After the run, we hung out for hours at the beach. I can walk around barefoot and time just flies by. My partner went for a 2 minute swim in the freezing cold water! After seeing no one for the morning, at 11:30am four lifeguards came out and sat on the chair. We had a long chat with them, they gave us some ideas on things to do, places to eat, learning about life as a young person in Thunder Bay. It’s nice talking to young people who love their city.
In the afternoon we walked over to the Farmer’s Market. This market happens twice a week, Saturdays and Wednesdays. It was a well attended market and lines ups at all the vendors. here was one vendor with local strawberries.We got our dinner and had local fare for our meal tonight. Yum!

5 km run at Chippewa Park beach.

Running to the end of the breakwater/pier

Cold Lake Superior water.

Barefoot walking. The whole beach to ourselves. Introverts paradise!

Stuck in traffic. Remnants of the amusement park.

Valet Bike Parking at the Thunder Bay Country Market. This warms my heart.

Farmer’s Market dinner. Sauerkraut and Beef Sausage.