Still full of aches and pains, we took it easy this morning. I went for a swim to help with my achy back and legs. I needed a t-shirt and found a couple at the local consignment store. I’ll be donating the red and white stripped t-shirt that I seem to wear on every vacation back to the consignment store.
After lunch we headed to Kakabeka Falls.This is probably the one big touristy spot in the area. Though there were only twenty or so people in the whole park. We went on a couple of short trails to see all view points of the falls. The falls were loud and quite impressive. What was even more impressive was the infrastructure pathways and view points. They were very accessible for all ages and abilities to appreciate the fall’s beauty.

Looking down stream at Kakabeka Falls

Kaministiquia river.[caption id="attachment_1130" align="alignleft" width="225"] Kakabeka Falls. They water is brown because of iron at the top of the falls.