It’s amazing how time flies, when you’re not on a regular work schedule. I’m sorry for those that tried to take my online Pilates Fusion class. Instagram was not the platform for this venture. I’m spending a lot more time than usual doing techie stuff. It’s different and taking some adjusting to. Today I made some breakthrough and found the right platform for online fitness classes!

Tomorrow, Thursday March 19th, 2020, I’ll be doing a short Pilates demo class at various times. Follow me on Twitter , Instagram or WhatsApp for the link to sign into these classes.

Each day I wake up healthy I try and make the most of it. I interrupt what I’m doing if I see the sun come out. I meditate each morning. I make time for art, music and craft projects. I spend a lot of time communicating with people on the endless (and overwhelming) array of programs available in the 21st century.

Hope everyone is healthy enough to join in sometime tomorrow and I’ll get your body moving!

The red-wing black birds were out and getting loud!
Solitude in the sun.
Robins mean Spring. Spring is something to be hopeful about. Find something that excites you during this uncertain time.